In my previous post, titled “WHY THIS BLOG”, I raised an issue on how government officials are neglecting some of the issues that concerns the healthy of the citizens.And in the post I  described it as an act of taking  “healthy” for granted.

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Early this month ,people in southern region of Malawi were in danger following the sewage disposal by the lodges operating near this river.

Citizens who are operating in the areas close to this river have lately been complaining, about this situation arguing that the river is the only source of water in their community, .which means that diarrhea and all kinds of water born diseases which these families were experiencing were there because of contaminated water sourced from this river .

The government officials in  relation with the director of the two lodges engaged in a dialog through a meeting which can be described as “unsuccessful”, because they did not coming up with solutions their were pointing fingers at each other neglecting the problem at hand .

The director of the two lodges Abdul Munaf argued that government officials just wanted to gain political mileage over his business by demanding papers from the Malawi Bureau of Standards.

In the end the solutions to the water issue  was delayed which caused many  people to suffer.


  1. There’s a well-understood correlation that as the economy of a country improves, so the health of its citizens improves. What may be less obvious is that the opposite is also true – improving the health of a nation’s citizens can directly result in economic growth, because there will be more people able to conduct effective activities in the workforce. So government must ensure that it develops healthy care systems to this people and make sure that they are drinking safe water.

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  2. I fully support that health should not be taken for granted, regardless of the number of people facing problems related to it. It is so clear and obvious that rivers serve a great purpose to different communities and I don’t see the point in using rivers as a disposal area for sewage waste in as far as people’s livelihood and health is concerned. The government, being the head , should take an immediate action(as one of its aims) to putting an end to the disposal of such wastes to rivers serving greater purposes like these to different communities.


  3. Malawi as a Nation really needs what is termed as “integrated and sustainable waste management strategy” in which the generators of wastes should also be reliable for proper disposal of wastes and waste management in general unlike solely depending on government mechanisms. It’s a shame that some individuals and companies still engage in open dumping and dumping of wastes in water bodies as a method of disposing off wastes. It’s every individual responsibility to promote good HEALTH.

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