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According to the World Health Organization, one in four people suffers from a mental health problem at some point in their life.

After visiting Queens Elizabeth hospital in Blantyre i found out that  Mental ill health is the largest group of disorders after cancers and cardiovascular disease.mental health problems in this post shall mean mental disorders.these disorders are in different forms and categories.some of them are;disturbances in emotions, often accompanied by cognitive distortions such as excessive worry, negative thinking and unexplained medical symptoms that are often representing complaints in primary health care settings.

Most of Malawi’s mental health cares(hospitals) are in poor conditions, and at the same time they lack necessities and materials to ensure quality services.both citizens and government are to be blamed because of these poor conditions and situations in our communities, because either of them seems to have responsibility towards implementations of good quality mental health services.

 Lack of political support, inadequate management and overburdened health services have let down the development of the existing mental health systems. although “political support” being one of the phrases that is always on the fore front in the crucial issues ,there is a need to have a joint initiative with  government ,well wishers (citizens) and private organizations to ensure that  good mental health systems are built ,sufficient food for patients are in good supply, medical and psychological treatment are being supplied.

How ready is Malawi to improve the mental health systems?,that’s the only question which comes in my mind when i see the economic crisis the country is facing.


  1. There is great need for non governmental organisations, private institutions dealing with health issues and the government through it’s ministry of health to a keen ear to this. There’s much to be done in order to improve the heath care of people with mental disorders at all levels

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  2. Great post raising awareness of mental health and the lack of services.

    Don’t you have any government websites talking about mental health care? Best place to start, I think.

    Then, I think you may need to get a petition together so that you can send it to your government, detailing what’s missing and all your wishes for a better service.


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