In my previous post  titled ” mental health care”  ,I explained of the conditions mental health – cares are experiencing, However I did not explain in details how these conditions seem to exist.


Malawi has the lowest ranking on health system among countries which are not affected by civil wars, however the medical services delivered still rank lower than some war torn countries. worsened health sectors has been a hobby for Malawi due to these civil wars that are indirectly being experienced through neighboring countries.this in the end leaves the financial sector ground-hugging.

Somali crisis was one of the worst civil war that imposed a groovy impact on Malawi economic sector. I have actually eyewitnesses some these Somalians Pop in our neighborhood.And people who found them believed that they lived  in the graveyards around our neighborliness. Later that day the police took this group of people in the places where they can live ” safely ”

From the time I was growing I have been told stories of how these people were treated in the so called “safely” places by our state. The state was to provide ,water,electricity, food ,cloths, shelter and at the same time medical support teams to these people.

That’s when I basically understood  that we were and we are still affected by these civil wars indirectly.however one can impose a question that “how is this related to health?”.

The answer to the question is that,the Malawian financial sector which looks at the development of Heath sector ,is force to bog down some of the developments (in health sector) on the common grounds that it is helping  these countries.which in the end finds itself struggling with poor health conditions.

Although there some other factors such as ,poor leadership , misallocation of resources ,failure to implement new healthy sector and lack of infrastructures that can help source more funds to the nation.

Lack of proper investments has caused a lot more problems in the health sectors.for instance in April 2012 the State President suffered a cardiac arrest which resulted to his death due to lack of medication both within the presidential medical team and at the main referral hospital where he was attended to.

Who is responsible for our healthy?.


  1. I strongly believe that one of the most impeding obstacles to the betterment of the provision of health care services is corruption amongst high ranking officials in the executive arm and the ministry of health. Seriously, if these individuals can change their attitudes and mindsets towards international and local funding that is directed towards health care, the conditions in service delivery of the Health Sector would greatly improve.

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  2. great insight. i don’t know why we leave these issues aside in our Malawian system.and put issues that are to do with politics on the fore front ,i also feel like our government and officials should recognize the importance of healthy in our everyday spending.

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  3. a really nice and logical presentation Thompson. but i also feel like there are some other reasons as to why our health sectors are in these annoying conditions . i feel like overpopulation and lack of skilled workers are the root cause. and our government should really work on how they can overcome these challenges before we all perish


  4. Great outlook,Malawi being the smallest country but surprisingly with many problems its sad to see how the government fails to deal with issues in the healthy sector. These problems have never improved. They always complain about the funding but from my point of view I think its just a matter of prioritizing.there’s more that needs to be done even in our hospitals there’s also a great syndicate of corruption and selling of drugs which are meant to be for the poor.its high time we look into these issues and act on them.


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