Harkening To COVID19-Death Toll

Source – Ministry of health twitter page

Hello world, it’s been a minute since we caught up in the reading dome. Just like you, I guess I was also emotionally down with the impact Covid 19 is making in our respective societies, my condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones to this deadly disease. Covid 19 which seemed to be politically minced some months ago, has now become a sad reality to our warm heart. Now we have other escalating stories of business turn overs, students paying empty hostels, internships cancelled, people gaining excessive weight, Covid 19 funds being misused, pet’s also gaining weight and the list is endless. However, the question is how do we plan to curb and lower down the numbers?

14hrs ago the Malawi’s Ministry of Health tweeted statistics on Covid 19, and what was more intriguing was about the death toll. Undeniably it still remains a fact the everyday we are recording new demises of this communal adversary.

As much as we have put a low gear on how we can reduce the drift triggered by this corona, it’s also greatly important to come to a realisation that without the help of the government, on our own as citizens we can be positive influencers in societies that we are emanating from. Exercising the presented measures and taking responsibility of our actions has proved impressive headway, even in a non-Covid situations.

Talking of “responsibility towards our actions”, in my previous writing titled; ‘Why These Poor Health Conditions in the Public Sectors’ I talked about overcrowding and material shortages within the health system of our hospitals, even though this looks like something that we have normalised over time, it is in our control that as citizens we need to purge and bog down the spirit of negligence, this surely will guarantee a fast and irrepressible way in a course of trying to combat this deadly virus.

Taking responsibility is to encourage those around to take up designated measures. Taking responsibility also means being in control of the situation and the surrounding environment by putting into consideration the phase in which we remain living in. As a citizen what have you done, to show that you are also in the trench towards change?  I feel very appreciative with those citizens who are trying to be innovate in this era through music, coming with brilliant ideas and additional measures.

As I was going through Nation newspaper on Sunday, what caught my attention was an article about a man who came up with a face mask through cabbage leaves, this to him was the only way to cover his mouth as a way of trying to exercise care in the market in which he operates his business. To me that’s a sign that we still have responsible people, who through all odds are trying to adhere to the measures that were and has been reinforced by the authorities.

We have to be a situational change citizens, it doesn’t matter where you are and what you do, you can still change and save lives by acting responsibly, in public transports, markets, homes and work places. There are hundreds of citizens who are not aware and can’t afford some of the measures that are to our reach. My plea is that, us who can, let’s help those who cannot. This unity and compassion towards other is what will help save our warm heart.

If we neglect to adhere to these measures, do you think someone will magically show up to help reduce this death toll?

Stay safe! Wash your hands, Always put on  your face mask.

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